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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 25, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> greg: banned phrase today. "that's what i'm talking about." if that is what you are talking about, just say what you are talking about and shut the "h" up. >> dana: i have always believed that people don't belong under water. people in a tank in south africa find out why. they are supposed to safe in there and the great white shark comes on in. this is why you don't need to be underwater. leave it to the professionals and tonight pay money to go on tourist thing. >> eric: they were newlyweds. 'canes what a way to kick it off. >> kimberly: that is off to a good start. okay. talk about something super
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awesome. garcia, just when you thought he can't do this. look what he did? he climbed up 12 feet. in a huge storm. the ball was stuck between the branchs. i wonder if tiger could do that. >> eric: amazing. golfing backwards up with arm in a tree. >> dana: that guy doesn't make enough money. >> eric: over the weekend, fontana speedway, california. look at hamlin hit the wall. show us the crash. that was bad enough but it is this. fight between tony stewart and joey lagano. this is because of a fight they had last week. they will be off this coming weekend due to easter sunday.
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>> bob: i was going to say something. our poll on cbs was 41,700 yes, 261 no. >> dana: i want to mend you making the show a sandwich. we started with a bunch of knucklehead fighting and ended with a bunch of knucklehead fighting. >> eric: leave it here. happy holidays. >> shannon: a scary thought, imagine the government compensating 40% of your savings. this is "special report." >> shannon: good evening. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. citizens are going to feel a major pinch, something unthinkable in this country. greg palkot has the lead story tonight. >> the people of cyprus got
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the news they wanted but it will to be happy about. they have been saved from bankruptcy. one of the biggest banks will be shut down in part of a broader, economic slowdown here. >> it's too bad. >> bad. >> why? >> too bad. >> small depositors would be protected but people with bank account of $130,000 or more could see 40% or more seized by the both to pay for the bail-out. >> our deposits are not safe. >> european union officials defended the approach and called it the new template to handle future euro zone problems. stock markets said to fall in part op that news.
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european union says it cares. >> we will do everything possible. >> with the the merge european union funds assured some are set -- some banks set to reopen tuesday. they are going to try to prevent run on the bank but the two biggest bank won't open until thursday. europe is america's biggest rating partner. >> they said growth and stability is important to the u.s. >> to show how uncertain things are in the last few minutes we heard vie what the "associated press" news agency, that they are saying the cypriot finance minister says banks aren't going to open tuesday but all will open on thursday. we'll be watching. the si cypriot president was on
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television to tell everyone to remain calm. >> shannon: wall street urphoria over cyprus bail-out deal soured and the dow lost 64. median household income declined by 1.1% in january to february. $51,994 in january. $51 $404 in february. did you know $385,000 of your tax dollars are studying ducks' anatomy? to study the private parts of ducks. this is part of president obama stimulus plan and just one example of the kind of spending decisions that add up to massive debt and deficit.
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tonight, there is a week-long series on what to cut. >> government is not the solution to the problem. government the problem. >> rare of big government is over. >> every president called to streamline federal bureaucracy but none succeeded. >> government is largeer than it ever has been. the debt is growing at record rate. >> adjusted for inflation. government spending went up from $882 billion spent every year in 1980s to $1.48 trillion in the 1990s. $2.24 trillion a year and the first decade of the 21st century. mast ited that government will have spent almost as much in the first four years as a new decade as in the 1990s.
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>> in the past there bar crisis like world war ii or the korean war, nondefense spending was cut by 20 to 30%. >> that didn't happen after 9/11 or after the financial crisis. >> nothing typifies the expansion of government as much as the growing wealth of the washington, d.c. area. region with few neutral resources and little manufacturerring to produce well. the average government worker compensation is over $126,000 a year. another barometer of the growth, washington traffic congestion is the nation's worst. washington workforce and the prices are mostly stable. >> the congressional system is set up to spend money, not save money.
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>> with the creation of any program is a contractors, lawyers, special interest feeding from government trow that congress seldom lets run dry. >> balance the family budget and make sure the business is solvent. the government doesn't look like it that way. >> even grossly expenditures like plasticity of duck penis during mating or $60,000 for "star trek" spoof for training session don't raise red flags until after the money is spent. >> they don't want to know where the waste is. if they know where the waste is they have to do something about it. >> over the next four days we will examine expensive programs that the taxpayers are saddled with from agriculture sub cities to the tiff cullty of -- subsidiaries to firing u firing unpredicttive workers.
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you can weigh in whether you think the duck annal myth study worth your money. go to the home page and go to you decide to tell us what you think. >> shannon: we are looking forward to the series all week long. thank you very much. secretary of state john kerry visited the site of america two most recent wars as the bloody conflict threatens the entire region. james rosen has the story. >> on his surprise trip to afghanistan, secretary of state john kerry received assurances from afghan president hamid karzai that he does not believe the u.s. to be colluding with taliban. mercurial afghan leader claimed the comments he made to the effect three weeks ago when the defense secretary chuck hagel visited kabul was taken out of context. >> translator: we remain gratal for everything you have done to rebuild afghanistan and security forces. we conveyed the expression of gratitude to the president of the united states. and to the excellency the secretary. >> roughly 100,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan but set
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to leave the country by end of 2014. aides to kerry said he pressed karzai to ensure next year's afghan election where karzai will not be a candidate will be free and fair. >> the united states of america is committed beyond 2014 to the government of afghanistan to this legitimate democratic political process. the taliban can choose to be part of that. they know how. >> sunday found kerry in baghdad where he conveyed washington growing displeasure with the way the both of iraqi prime minister permitted iraqi air space used by iran for deliveries of weapons and foreign fighters to the regime of bashar assad in syria. >> there are members of congress and people in america who increasingly are watching what iraq is doing. and wondering how it is that a partner in effort for democracy and partner for whom miles per hours feel they have try -- americans feel they have tried hard to be helpful,
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how the country could do something that makes it difficult to achieve the common goals. >> in syria, the weekend brought word that assad was badly injured and sheikh fatig the civilian leader who appeared aside kerry in rome three weeks ago announced his res eg resignatio. >> the announcement doesn't change support for the syrian oppositionor coalition. >> secretary kerry and his aths said the resignation of one man isn't as important as need for unity among the rebels but it appears more illusive tonight. the offer to negotiate with the assad regime, extended at the behest of the administration that weakped the up port amongst the rebels -- support amongst the rebels. >> shannon: we are learning what role we play in this. >> it's been confirmed that
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the united states is training its own forces or forces from other part of the middle east in jordan for eight to 12 months to do battle with the forces loyal to the syrian president. >> crisis with no clear end in sight. thank you. shocking cost for taxpayers to put the voice president up in the hotel. later in the grapevine. up next, immigration reform. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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>> shannon: one of the items in president obama's second term is reform. the devil is in the details. >> 28 people from 26 countries became the newest american citizens in the fourth natura naturalization ceremony held at the white house since president obama took office.
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he reminded the audience except for native americans we all trace roots from immigrants. >> immigration keeps us hungry and prosperous. part of what makes this is dynamic country. >> a month after aides leaked his own immigration plan and drew angry reaction from capital hill the white house taken a backseat while bipartisan group of eight senators crashed a plan. similar group in the house. aides deny that obama is unhappy with the work but suggested they need to pick up the pace. >> we are make progress gress but this is not new. >> the path to citizenship for those in the country illegally may not be the sticking point. there is said to be differences between business and labor how much to pay the 200,000 low-skilled workers allowed in the country every
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year. other political divisions remain. texas republican senator ted cruz doesn't trust the president's mote is. he told the "dallas morning news' that he wants is the bill to crater to use it as a political wedge in 2014 and 2016. >> we belief they should work with congress to remove wasteful area in the budget. but the president strategy instead cut spending on important mews service like border security. >> the department of homeland security hasn't cut back on the border garz. hundreds of people in the country illegally were released to save the cost of housing them. the gang of eight will look at
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the border this week. >> shannon: wendell goler, thank you. snowfall has not stopped people from lining up to attend the same-sex marriage case heard by the supreme court this week. three dozen people waiting to get tickets for cases that won't be heard until tuesday and wednesday. people got in line on thursday. many are paid to hold places for others. still ahead, opposition research for 21st century politics. and karl rove and joe trippi discuss the prospect of a real budget deal first. [ female announcer ] the only patch for the treatment
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5:00 a.m. saturday the senate voted to look at the first budget. will a deal happen? joining me now are the democratic strategist joe trippi and former bush senior advisor karl rove. welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: the process is in motion for the first time in several years. when people vote on these, there are political calculations. we saw that in the senate and the house. >> definitely. one thing that is true we have a process this time. the senate was 50-49. a close vote. look at what the house did with that vote. they voted 261 against it. 35 of them democrats. many are up for re-election in 2014.
3:23 pm
that was part of calculation. there was 221 je votes and 207 no. but look at what the senate did against that one. not even close. only 4 senators voted for it. 59 voted against it. five were g.o.p. senators. some of the no votes in there. four were senators coming up for re-election in 2014. they are looking for tax increase revenue. house side they want to repeal obamacare. how they bring it together and what is in the two different bills, how they reconcile them, we have a process. that is the good news. the bad news is we are having
3:24 pm
the same debate from the beginning. >> you say there is a chance of finding compromise. >> develop is the first thiam they passed the budget for fiscal year in normal ordinary course. in 2008 they passed it for half a year, hoping president obama would get elected. the republican budget is $22 billion less than the spending level. down 1.6% -- 0.6%. democrats want to spend $3 $3.7,815,000,000,000,000. $162 billion or 4.5% more than spending this year.
3:25 pm
the graemes want to spend $184 billion more than the republicans do. they want to spend $97 billion more than the forecast. we have a process of approach ration bill. they will do the work. they will end up with different numbers. go to the conference committee. they will are have chance to iron it out. does it guarantee it's ironed out? no. but we have a normal process where give and take is likely to occur than if we have something trying to be imposed from the white house or the top of the congress. >> shannon: we're waiting for president's budget. he is required to give it by 4 of february and now it's april. amazing that he has failed to
3:26 pm
meet the scatchtory -- but on the other hand this could be useful because house and senate says we can't wait for the president. do the business ourselves. >> pal ryan and patty murray on democratic side. if they come to reconciliation, they can go back to their caucuses to actually get that compromise to happen. >> shannon: the issue of west bank settlement came up. did he make progress? trying to restore the image. this reputed the last four years when he treated them as equal, morally equivalent, morally deserving demands. he said get back to the peace process without preconditions on your part. that is constructive.
3:27 pm
what looked like last minute but it wasn't between israel and turkey looking from the turkish prime minister saying i have someone to talk to you. put netanyahu on to apologize for the flotilla last year that resulted in death was partfully done. the fundamental problem with the trip is he talked tough on iran and syria. neither one, neither the syrians nor irainians take it seriously. in this part of world the action matter more than the word. >> he is right. a lot of this was a great trip for the president. you know there is a lot of rhetoric and concern.
3:28 pm
strong or weak on israel. gives a strong award to give out. so that does happen. but going to jordan. a fine line. you have can't be supportive of the president without weakening the regime a little bit. or riling people up. so i thought it was a very well orchestrated trip. on all front. >> shannon: the senate barber shop is losing a lot of money and you are footing the bill. the grapevine is next. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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a few weeks before the sequester vice president biden visited europe on official trip and two nights of lodging cost the taxpayers $1 million. at first reported by the weekly standard, the government filing showed 136 rooms at the hyatt re generalsy cost $489,000. a night at the hotel intercontinue nep tall paris la grand cost $585,000. of course, a trip by the president would require
3:33 pm
substantial presence by staff. the state department tells abc news the budget is in line by other trips by high level officials and past presidential administration. since 1859, barbershop provided haircut to lawmakers and public alike but recent years the taxpayers are footing the bill to keep the tradition alive. "weekly standard" reports the shop lost $350,000 a year for the past 15 years. how does the team come up so short? the employees are federal workers with higher salary than the average barber. the head barber earns $80,000 a year. the average barber in america makes $28,000. senate sergeant at arms renewing a push to privatize that. and house sitter thought he hit the jackpot when he
3:34 pm
found 52 bottles of whiskey in the mansion he was watching. he helped himself to the whiskey and it was 100-year-old whiskey that was believed to be hoarded away before prohibition. and it was appraised by new york auction house at $102,00 $102,000. police say he denied it but dna proved on otherwise. in the art of war, it was advised know your enemy. the focus is on democrats and liberal groups. carl cameron explains. >> one week to the day after the republican national committee released self-described autopsy and urged activists and supporters to form allied group dedicated solely to research to establish private archive and pub site that does nothing but post utterances and ask for
3:35 pm
clearinghouse on democrats, dubbed america rising is up and running. we are going to monitor them for gaffes and things that are outside the main stream. >> they joined forces with matt rhodes who has trun g.o.p. research in past years and in 2019 super pacs damaged romney's campaign with attack ads. republicans had group of their own but were not competitive against the democrats' more sophisticated technology and approach. america rising mission is not to end the less advantage and level the playing field. it's to tilt things right. >> we are going to test our
3:36 pm
tools to see what tools can the republican candidates use to make sure they get the information, negative information to democrats to the wider audience. >> america rise willing not use the tv ads. those are left with clients who could be as big as the republican national committee or small as individual races or causes. the truth is most voters prefer to get the facts before they cast the ballot. not after the elections are over. >> shannon: thank you. late champ, a democrat vetoed bill to require voters to show i.d. he said it would impair the right to vote. it would cost $330,000 to provide free i.d. to those without one. they can override the veto with a simple majority vote. we look at the latest in syria with the fox all-stars when we return. [ male announcer ] red lobster is hitting the streets
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well, we are certainly sorry to see the news of the resignation, we are going to continue to work in the region to support the effort of the rebels. to urge him to step aside. >> shannon: bring in the panel. juan williams, nina easton and charles krauthammer. we have talk about a rebel-backed leader stepping down. there is a dispute if the others will accept the resignation but he didn't feel
3:41 pm
like there was backing. >> rebels are upset that he wanted to engage in conversation with the regime how it could be settled. is there a possibility of the truce deal? the rebels -- this is a problem. the rebels didn't want it and saw it as traitor, and they want to take out assad. which is fine from the u.s. point of view. but there is a tremendous cost. if you send in arms and they're enemy of the united states are they going to use weapons against the united states and against israel? this is a huge problem. >> shannon: tough to vet the folks. bipartisan legislation introduced on the hill by the democrat republican lawmakers who want to vet the rebels so
3:42 pm
we can offer u.s. assistance. going back to last summer. hillary clinton, the head of the c.i.a. agreed to set up a program to vet and support. vet first, support and shape the opposition that was emerging. the president said no. with people worried in syria and critical of the white house taking a step back approach, one is it will engulf the region. secretary of state john kerry going to iraq and pleading with al-awlakpleadingwith al-ma. we have a u.s. weapons and troops to defend saudi arabia. we have a u.s. official acknowledging that the uptick
3:43 pm
in vehemence iraq is from the militants who have al-qaeda links who are fighting in syria. then we have a problem with the opposition where we have stepped back. there are al-qaeda linked militants. a troubling situation. >> you mention that kerry has been meeting with al-maliki and what they said about whether or not they are allowing the air space used by the iranians. >> anything that supports the president assad is proble problematic. i made it clear that iran are helping to sustain president assad and his regime.
3:44 pm
>> shannon: will the discussion by the secretary change things? >> that is an appalling stat statement. does he think malaki is in the third grade? of course he knows they are bringing weapons and helping us out. he needs the secretary of state of the united states to instruct him on what is happening? he understands exactly what is happening. the reason is precisely because he wants to support assad. also he is receiving influence from iran, iran, of course, is main supporter of assad. the other reason is sectarian one. this isn't as if malaki isn't aware of what he is doing. he is, of course. the story, secretary of state, representing a country which has been in retreat from iraq.
3:45 pm
obama made a decision to leave no residual american military in iraq, which essentially would have zero influence. we have zero influence. that is why iraqi sees america as relevant. obama talks about the tide of war receding. side of war is rising and america is receding. it's irrelevant. that is the story of visit. >> shannon: also a stop in afghanistan. there has been discussion whether we were on the same page with leaders there in afghanistan. something we said today, we are on the same page speaking with president karzai. what do you make of that? >> karzai apologized to what he said when he suggested that somehow the u.s. is involved with the taliban. and all of their al-qaeda
3:46 pm
links. to somehow subvert his government. the reality is -- this is something that was confirm today by secretary kerry, the united states want to be sure there is stability, not only in afghanistan but in the region with regard to keeping terrorists at bay. part of that equation is election next year. they want to make sure that karzai is not fixing next year's elections. there will be a legitimate fair and balanceed election in afghanistan. we are interested in the establishing the ability. he undermines the position, often times a corrupt position in my opinion in afghanistan. >> karzai has been a prickly
3:47 pm
character to deal with more any administration. i am not sure he becomes more pliable, so to speak. take a lesson from iraq and dealing with iraq. when you pick up stakes and leave you lose influence. we are about to lose whatever influence we have on the country. >> shannon: quick thought? >> you can see it around the middle east. egypt led by the brotherhood. embassy, attack and we're hopeless and powerless. nothing happened after that. obama made a decision he wasn't interested in the region he wanted to leave. he can argue whether the blood and treasure spent in iraq was worth it. but when obama came in office it was spent. he had a choice. he decided we'll be out of there. as a result, all of this is happening out of our control.
3:48 pm
this trip is all for show. >> shannon: charles, nina, juan. thank you on that topic. up next, we talk cyprus. cuts a deal. are sha apparently loses out. -- russia apparently loses out. to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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♪ ♪ >> we have the decision from the euro group. the decision is papeful. in defeat of solidarity. >> shannon: president of the parliament talking about the deal. this is how the treasury department is reacting. it's critical to lay the foundation for a return to
3:52 pm
financial stability in cyprus. the european central bank is important in this regard. we'll continue to mopper developments closely as the details are timized and agreement is implemented. talk about it this with the panel. nina, ladies first. we understand that cyprus will get $13 million in emergency loans. >> this is a painful deal. no doubt about that. it could hurt the economy by ten gdp points. joblessness but the banks were going collapse anyway. the economy would be in shambles anyway. there is concern that the depositors are hurt, because what is happening is if you have more than 100,000 in euros in the bank, those are targeted to help with the bail-out. $4.2 billion. a lot of that is from russian. a lot of -- he would cry about
3:53 pm
that. this is a good thing. bail-in, instead of bail-out. you take in a model where you are forcing the bank to save itself. the shareholders, bondholders and go to the uninsured depositors. this is a lesson we might take here. rather than the taxpayers bail-out you have the bail-out within the institution. i understand the pain but i don't think it's a bad idea. >> you float the idea of going after the saving account. it doesn't rez nay with many folks. >> but they weren't insured. they weren't insured over $100,000. here they aren't over $100,000. you know, you know when you put something in a bank like, that i covered the savings and the loan crisis in '80s. people were hurt in the uninsured accounts in those days. >> shannon: the first thing people think when they hear about it somewhere else is it coming to the u.s.? ripple effect of all the deals and financial burden.
3:54 pm
>> it is not going to happen here because we had our questions in 2008 and 2009, and everybody was insureed and the banks were saved. so even if you had over the insureed amount it was secure. what is amazing here is how small cyprus is and how relatively small the problem is. the bail-out tote that you mentioned is -- tote that you mention is a quarter of apple's cash cash on hand. this is a country that apple could purchase. >> shannon: rename it. >> it could own the iland. call it icyprus and have cash left over. the ripple effect is this. this is not america's depositor. not a depositor in spain or italy which are next in the list. also people are going to worry, well, they will come after me. remember, the first agreement on cyprus was that everybody
3:55 pm
took haircut, including the local and small depositor. gangsters were hit. cypriot butcher. another deal. people in spain and portugal -- it's already bai bailed. if you get a run on the bank or refusal to deposit in bank, those will go under as well. very complicated. only a mandate. the next is a larger country. >> shannon: charles doesn't feel bad for the russian gongsters. we determined that. but there are russian officials calling this stealing. they are upset. >> sure, it is stealing. >> they would know about stealing, russians. >> shannon: speaking from experience, according to charles. >> the russian olegards have the money in the cypriot bank two semily are told you know what? you -- essentially are told you are helping the bail-out, not only cyprus but in terms of the imf deal. if you think about the european union and the imf and
3:56 pm
the ripple effect we heard from nina and charles about the potential impact in places like spain, you start to think wait a second. they are the number one trading partner to the united states. if apple or somebody else said we don't have a market there. the european economy is collapsing. if that clashes, what does it say versus state of the global economy? we are not insuelated against the global impacts. this could have a terrible impact on the fragile recovery. >> shannon: meaning if this is a last minute deal and they talk about negotiating through the night. sigh of relief. what is the downside? >> let's go back to what could have happened and the banks would collapse anyways.
3:57 pm
they were feeling the renallal effects. part of their problem is holding the greek debt. so you see a ripple effect. you will out in some other countries like spain. i think it continues to move out. this is a threat for the u.s. u.s. economy. we went through a period that it was calming down. we will continue to see hiccups. this cyprus thing is contained for now, though. >> shannon: how -- global economy these days, it seems like every, you know, flare-up. we will see and it will impact other players. there are dominoes. >> there are. it could be that the euro is not sustainable or split to a southern era with weaker countries and the loser regulation. it could go anyway.
3:58 pm
>> shannon: charles proposed icyprus. stay tuned the 21st century way to share your tall went the world. internet. but things may not always go as you planned. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪
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